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The Art of Orthodontics

Types of braces and orthodontic treatments

I specialize exclusively in orthodontic treatments and all types of braces for adults and teenagers.

Healthy, beautiful, straight teeth and proper jaw alignment are crucial for general dental health. Properly aligned teeth can improve the distribution of pressure on the teeth and the periodontium, leading to better chewing and aiding in optimal daily dental care. In addition, a beautiful smile simply makes you feel happier and more confident, improving your quality of life.

We offer the following types of braces and orthodontic treatments:

  • Extensive orthodontic examination and consultation
  • Detachable or removable braces
  • Fixed braces with silver brackets, silver wires and silver elements
  • Fixed "invisible" braces with clear ceramic brackets, tooth-colored wires and tooth-colored elements (all components of the braces are clear or tooth-colored and no elements are silver)
  • "Invisible" orthodontic treatment appliances with clear plastic aligners e.g. Invisalign®, Orthocaps®, Clear Aligner®
  • "Invisible" orthodontic treatment appliances with lingual braces (placed on the back of the teeth)
  • Combination of orthodontic treatments with a mix of braces to ensure the best personalized treatment
  • Retention – keeping teeth in the corrected positions after braces and orthodontic treatments (consultation on the best individual retention device or retainer and its preparation to maintain results)

Detailed descriptions and explanations are required to best explain the individual treatment methods. Therefore, all possible orthodontic treatments with their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed during your consultation.

As a rule, all orthodontic treatments are personalized and based on a customized treatment plan for each patient. Not all orthodontic treatments or types of braces are equally suitable for every patient. Two important factors are the age of the patient and the misalignment of their teeth and jaw – both play a role in choosing the right braces or orthodontic treatment.

It is very important to me to thoroughly discuss all options together with you before we decide on the best treatment plan.

Clear braces – a nearly invisible way to the perfect smile

One main area of my work is highly aesthetic, nearly invisible, braces for adults and teenagers.

Modern orthodontics offers a range of great possibilities here. The days of clunky metal braces that make wearers feel self-conscious are over! My patients include not only teenagers and adolescents, but also adults who don't want to feel restricted by their braces either at work or in their personal life. Today's orthodontic treatments can be nearly invisible and go unnoticed by others.

I will be happy to help find the right braces for you – both medically and aesthetically speaking! 

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How much do braces cost?

All orthodontic treatments are always individual and specially planned for each patient. An examination with individualized treatment planning and patient interviews is incredibly important for determining the cost of braces or orthodontic treatment.

Costs are heavily dependent on the severity of the misalignment, the type of orthodontic treatment, the length of the treatment, and the patient's expectations and wishes (for instance, the use of especially aesthetic materials when selecting your braces).

We discuss in detail all of these points and the resulting costs during your personal examination and consultation. It is very important to me that you are aware of all the costs to be incurred during the entire treatment, before your orthodontic treatment plan starts.

We also offer payment plans for individually agreed installments – after all, financial concerns should not stand in the way of the smile of your dreams!